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AdenoPlus aids in the rapid identification of adenovirus to assist in the differential diagnosis of acute conjunctivitis, allowing for diagnostic evidence-based decisions.1


Is completed in two minutes
Results are ready in approximately 10 minutes


Identifies adenovirus (which may account for up to 90% of all viral conjunctivitis2,4) with 90% sensitivity3 and 96% specificity3 when compared to cell culture.


Completed in 4 simple steps
By using AdenoPlus®, clinicians benefit from a laboratory-quality test to aid in the differential diagnosis of acute conjunctivitis at the point of care.4
An evidence-based diagnosis will allow you to:

  • Know if patient red eye is adenovirus before they leave your clinic
  • Decide whether or not they can return to work or school
  • Avoid unnecessary treatments such as antibiotics or steroids, which can cause adverse events, encourage resistance and even worsen infections5,6

Each test kit comprises a sample collector, a test cassette and a buffer vial.

AdenoPlus® comes in the form of a box of 10 single-use units and needs no additional equipment or consumables.


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