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VisuXL® is a preservative-free eye drop treatment for dry eye disease and for aiding recovery following eye surgery.

VisuXL® contains two unique ingredients in one effective solution

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid

  • VisuXL®‘s cross-linked HA forms a stable liquid matrix on the surface of the eye. A study in an animal model demonstrates that the cross-linked formula has a residence time which lasts three times longer than linear HA1
  • Patients can experience dry eye relief from two drops per day2

CoenzymeQ10 (COQ10)

  • CoQ10 belongs to a family of compounds known as ubiquinones and is present in all eukaryotic species3
  • CoQ10 has a role in:4,5
    • Mitochondrial energetics: production of ATP
    • Protection to the mitochondrial and lipid membranes against oxidative damages as an effective antioxidant/free radical scavenger
    • Regulation of apoptosis through free radical scavenging and non-free radical scavenging mechanisms

Held in place by the cross-linked HA liquid matrix VisuXL®’s CoQ10:

  • Accelerates ocular surface healing following cataract surgery compared to usual care in a randomised clinical trial7
  • Plays an essential role in mitochondrial function6,9
  • Demonstrated healing in refractory ulcers in a case series6
  • Protects against surgery related damage (in animal model)8

VisuXL® contains2 cross-linked hyaluronic acid sodium salt 0.1%, Coenzyme Q10 0.1%, Vitamin E (D-alpha-tocopheryl-polyetheylene glycol 1000 succinate) 0.5% and buffer isotonic solution.


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